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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Protector Peak Bivvies & Wraps

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Protector Peak Bivvies & Wraps

The Advanta Protector series offers protection for those angler that love to head down to the bank for long weekends in hopes of a few catches and possibly a new PB. Whilst you wait for that monster carp to land in the back of the net, rest in the best comfort for an affordable price with the Advanta Protector bivvy. This Protector peak bivvy, version two, is designed as a one-man and two-man shelter, that both features a spacious interior for all your extra gear and luggage.

The dimensions of the 1 Man Protector Peak Bivvy measure as 135cm H x 270cm W x 230cm D (not including the peak), offering maximised interior space but with a compact footprint to minimise damage to the bank. For an even roomier experience or if you are angling with a friend, you may want to consider the 2 Man version which covers 160cm H x 277cm W x 275cm D, again this is not including the peak.

The structure of the bivvy supplies a large peak that helps protect against the rain as well as gutters that allow for the water to flow out of pockets. Staying dry during the rain is reassured with the bivvy being made from 5000HH, 210D polyester and with taped seams. This high-quality waterproof and windproof material ensures an overnight stay shall not be ruined by any leaks.

The shelter also features reinforced pegging points to withstand the tension and comes with heavy duty t-pegs, as well as two height settings on the front pegging panels. The customisation does not end there, this bivvy also comes with roll-back front panels, tied back with buckle retainers, a choice of opening front and rear mosquito vents for full ventilation, a two-way letterbox style door system for privacy and a three-door panel options. Choose from green, clear or a mozzie mesh depending on the wind and rain or the summer breeze.

The construction of the bivvy is made quick and easy with a two pole frame, that is manufactured from rigid 16mm 6061 aluminium. These poles include three joints for quick and easy construction and in-line tension poles so you can get fishing quicker!

The rods that you may be resting can be held using the Velcro retaining straps on the exterior of the bivvy. The groundsheet is also easily installed with Velcro attachments that have location tags. The total bivvy package weighs in at 8.1kg-8.2kg, making it light for transportation.

Advanta Protector Peak Bivvy 1 Man/ 2 Man V2 Overwrap

To truly upgrade that home away from home, adding an overwrap to your Advanta Protector Peak Bivvy not only helps to retain the heat in the cooler months but also reduced condensation and therefore any mould growth! The longevity of your bivvy can be increased by simply investing in a little add on that is available to fit the 1 Man and 2 Man sizes of the bivvy.

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