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Here at Angling Direct, were so excited at the prospect of Black Friday that were starting early! Giving you more time, more deals and more opportunities to save.

The following paragraphs list the Black Friday deals that you can get your hands on today, Tuesday 26th November.

Nash Dwarf Cork Handle Rod

These little corkers feature sleek, matte black blanks, subtle yet striking metallic red trim which creates an understated look, the quality blend of traditional styling and contemporary performance is epitomised by the Nash Dwarf Cork Handle rods.

In true Dwarf style, chose from 6ft to 10ft models, test curves from 2lb-3.5lb, and a quality cork-handle, all giving you plenty of power in a size that's ideally suited to keeping in the back of the car, ready and waiting to make the most of those unexpected sessions.

The AD Exclusive cork handled Dwarf carp rods may be small, but we can guarantee that the brand behind them aren't. A name that everyone wants to hear when they're considering buying a new piece of angling kit, Nash conjures quality, creative vision, and an exceptional focus on product development.

When all of this angling attention to detail is applied to the new range of Nash Dwarf carp fishing rods, you get immediate, visible proof that, sometimes, good things really do come in small packages.

Size isn't everything but the cork handled Nash Dwarf Carp Rod range is perfectly sized for all those ad-hoc anglers out there.





Advanta Protector Extreme 1 Man Bivvy

You need a good quality bivvy that can stand up to any kind of weather.  With the Advanta Protector Extreme One Man Bivvy, you can enjoy extended fishing sessions throughout the year, because, as its name suggests, the Extreme is designed and built to handle any weather conditions without even a hint that it might let you down.

With a 5000mm hydrostatic head to keep you dry in the very wettest of the Great British weather, and the opportunity to purchase a snug-fitting bivvy wrap that’s designed to offer a precise, secure fit for the Protector Extreme Bivvy, lashing rain, rising bankside damp, condensation, and the strong showers that are a feature of outdoor life in the UK won’t put an end to your session.

Reinforced, heavy duty pegging points, fitted with shock cords, the heavy duty pegs that are supplied completely free with the bivvy (though not with the bivvy wrap), and the rigid, 16mm 6061 aluminium poles all come together to provide unrivalled strength and stability, so you can enjoy the Advanta advantage of having total shelter in even the roughest of storms.  If you’ve invested in the Advanta Protector Extreme One Man Bivvy Wrap, the pegging points on the wrap precisely correspond to those on the bivvy, ensuring that there’s no chance of wild winds tearing your bivvy wrap free.

Featuring Velcro rod supports, zip and Velcro closure door and windows, a lightweight, detachable groundsheet, in-line tension bars, and front and rear mozzie mesh panels for full ventilation, this truly is a bivvy for all banks, and all seasons.  Whether you’re a fairweather fisherman looking to enjoy a lazy weekend by the river, or a hardened angler who doesn’t let anything get in the way of getting your rods out and seeing what’s biting, the Advanta Protector Extreme provides all the bankside shelter you could want, at the price you need.





Chub RS Plus Superlite Chair

 If you're looking for bankside comfort that's easy to barrow down to your swim, then the Chub RS Plus Superlite Chair is the perfect choice.  A lightweight aluminium frame, finished in subtle black, features integrated arm rests, which allow for the mounting of basic accessories.

A low-profile chair that gets you set up in the best possible position for a range of angling, this lightweight chair is the perfect choice for day session anglers and stalking rods.

Giving you a more stable set up than a seat box, with the comfort for longer stays, a fishing chair is a sensible, stylish choice for coarse anglers, whether you're fishing the river, or taking your chances on a commercial venue. With an easy to carry practicality, this is the chair of choice for roving coarse anglers who want to sit back and enjoy whatever their session has to offer. Robust and durable, you'll be set up all session long with the Chub Superlite.





Nash KNX 3 Rod Pod

Fully adjustable main bars, extending from 53cm to 90cm give instant appeal to the Nash KNX Olive 3 Rod Pod, a carp-styled rod support system that's ideal for holding a full carp rod set, giving you easy, flexible, and versatile angling. Fixed KNX bars back up the adjustable practicality of the main bars with a solid, stable set up profile that provides complete peace of mind, while four KNX banksticks enhance the practicality of this cult icon, set to become a modern bankside legend.

Twist compression cam lock adjustment makes tweaking your set up to suit your venue and preferences an easy process, and will appeal to the impatient angler who wants an intuitive set up that gives them more time to fish.

The pod's legs are height adjustable between 21cm and 31cm, and the pod boasts a front width of 20.5cm, and a rear width of 17cm, giving a compact yet functional set up that will work well Chairon almost any carp bank.

Pair the practicality of the KNX 3 rod pod with the 2 rod pod to give yourself a stable bankside set up for your complete set of carp campaign tackle.






Grandeslam 190T Standard Umbrella

Available in a choice of total protection 50” or a compact 45”, which is ideal for tight pegs and narrow banks, this durable 190T nylon fishing umbrella from Grandeslam is ideal for all your match and short stay angling sessions.

Keeping you dry when the rain’s pouring down, and cool in the heat of summer, a bankside brolly is a year round essential that allows you to fish in comfort, and keep your bait and tackle protected from the elements, too.

Featuring a tilting mechanism, this brolly can be positioned to suit your needs and fishing style.  Presented in classically carpy olive green, this is an accessory that will blend in well with any set up.

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