National Fishing Month is BACK for 2022 - Get EVERYONE Fishing

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National Fishing Month is BACK for 2022 - Get EVERYONE Fishing

1st August marks the start of National Fishing Month and we could not be more excited to see more anglers join the sport! National Fishing Month offers unique opportunities for the protection and promotion of angling, encouraging those that have never even picked up a rod to give it a go. You never know, you may be a natural at landing impressive specimens! 

As part of National Fishing Month, the Environment Agency, Angling Trust, Canal & River Trust and the Angling Trades Association are joining forces to make fishing an enjoyable summer activity for everyone! We, here at Angling Direct also support this month-long event, alongside Korda, Daiwa, Shakespeare, Shimano and Reuben Heaton.

When is National Fishing Month 2022?

Get Out and Fish - Monday 1st August to Wednesday 31st August.


What is National Fishing Month?

National Fishing Month is an Angling Trades Association initiative that is run in partnership with the Angling Trust and Environment Agency and each year. This month-long event introduces thousands of families to the health and well-being benefits of spending time outdoors next to nature. Sport England endorsed and funds the Angling Trust, which participates in National Fishing Month as part of its Uniting the Movement strategy.


What Can I Do in National Fishing Month?

Families and newcomers can enjoy hundreds of free events during the summer school holidays. There will be fun, safe, and friendly fishing events running throughout August 2022 that are open to all ages and abilities. Join us, here at Angling Direct as we celebrate all the fantastic things that angling has to offer, with a whole month of fishing fun. 

The National Fishing Month in August is the perfect time to discover why fishing is one of the world's most popular sports. Find out how fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors in our dedicated blog post. Why Anglers Love Fishing   Not only is angling low-cost (or in some instances no-cost), is a huge hit with kids and is available right on your doorstep!

Fishing is a low-cost activity that only needs a small amount of money and time to do. It’s easy to get into with a few bits of fishing tackle and a fishing licence from 


Angling Trust’s Clive Copeland, the Head of Participation at the Angling Trust says:

“If you are looking for fun, safe and friendly family activities during the summer holidays then this August will be the month to get outdoors and learn to fish with information from on what’s happening near to you.”


Andrew Race, Chairman of the Angling Trades Association stated:

“These are exciting times for the industry. With all major stakeholders continuing to work in partnership, National Fishing Month continues to grow across all sectors and develop into the ultimate celebration of all that angling has to offer to all communities across the UK.”.


Did you know?

  • 8 million people live within 5 minutes walk of somewhere to go fishing.

  • 11% of England’s population live just a 10-minute walk or 2-minute cycle of somewhere to go fishing.

With hundreds of events all over the country, National Fishing Month means everyone can have the chance to try fishing!



How Do I Find Out More about Fishing Events This August?

1. Go to

2. Put in your email and you’ll instantly get a free activity pack full of useful hints and tips to help get you and the family fishing this summer. 

IT IS AS EASY AS THAT! You will also receive weekly news about free fishing events near you, outdoor activities, exclusive offers and a mega free prize-draw offering hundreds of pounds worth of fishing kit for kids, Amazon Gift Vouchers, and special offers during National Fishing Month.


We, here at Angling Direct hope you enjoy the celebrations of National Fishing Month and if you have any fishing queries you can...

1. Read up Useful Fishing Tips on the Angling Direct blog

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