The Top 10 Selling Carp Rods for 2020 So Far

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The Top 10 Selling Carp Rods for 2020 So Far

Carp fishing is one of the most popular areas of the angling industry and, as with any popular sport, technology is constantly changing and anglers are always looking for ways to keep ahead of the curve. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing rods, or you’re new to carp fishing, we, here at Angling Direct, thought we’d take a look at the most popular carp fishing rods that we’ve seen of recent – helping you to identify what your fellow anglers are using on the bank and enabling you to choose a rod that you‘re going to feel totally comfortable using both in length and test curve.

1) Shimano TX-7 Carp Rod

Despite the slender width, the high-pressured carbon (HPC250) and bio-fibre blank makes the TX 7 incredibly powerful and forgiving so you can have confidence with every cast. The blanks offer a crisp recovery, improving accuracy, as well as the distance that you can achieve before the rod springs right back once the lead is released.

The Shimano TX 7 carp rod features Fuji reel seats, alongside Kigan Stainless Steel Zirconia guides which leads to an anti-frap tip ring. The Kigan Stainless steel zirconia guides have been mounted onto the blanks, ensuring relentless power without an increase in weight. The TX 7's are built for big fish waters with its EVA grip handle combined with stainless, laser-etched butt cap that sets the rods off perfectly.

There are five models in the TX 7 range so you can choose from a 12ft length with a test curve of 2.75lb, 3lbs or 3.25lb and the intensity options of 12ft and 13ft lengths with test curves of 3.5lbs+, ideal for when targeting scale tipping specimens!

Buy the Shimano TX 7 Carp Rod here.

2) Advanta Discovery CSX V2 Carp Rods

These slim, reinforced carbon rods offer an exceptional power to diameter ratio, and, at either 10ft or 12ft, with test curves between 3lb and 3.25lb, the Advanta Discovery CSX V2 gives you the freedom and versatility to make the most of your fishing as these rods can be changed up for pike fishing in the winter!

With its multi-layered structure, 18mm DPS reel seat, and lightweight LTS guides, as well as stylistic touches like a laser-etched butt cap, these rods more than tick the boxes for quality, reliable tackle that’s strong enough to take the strain of a big, lively carp .

The 10ft rod model is ideal for margin fishing, where hooked bait typically ends up, and the 12ft is great for distance casting. Both rod lengths have a choice of test curves and are sure to lead to impressive rewards.

Buy the Advanta Discovery CSX V2 Carp Rods here.

3) Greys Prodigy GT4 Rod 50mm

Fourth generation of the class-leading Prodigy carp rod platform, the Greys Prodigy GT4 rod offers a 50mm blank incorporated with high modulus woven carbon fibre. The smooth progressive action bringing the GT4 bang up to date for current tactics, whether it’s punching leads and PVA bags out to the horizon or battling hard fighting fish at close quarters, the Prodigy GT4 will keep you in control.

Both 12ft 3.25lbs and 13ft, 3.5lbs test curve models have butt and lower tip section that features full 3k woven carbon with Greys patented Carbon Armour blank finish. Along with housing a sleek Fuji DPS-18 reel seat, stealth black anodised collars, slim shrink wrap handle and laser etched butt cap this is a sleek carp rod that takes performance up a notch.

Buy the Greys Prodigy GT4 Rod 50mm here.

4) Wychwood Extricator MLT

Developed as a big fish surface rod, the powerful 2.25lb blank of the Wychwood Extricator MLT includes multi-layer technology that has been engineered to withstand powerful fights from large and active summer carp.

The 10ft Extricator rod is great for boat fishing and mobile angling and is perfect for tackling any small to medium-sized water, achieving casting distances of over 100yrds. Great for stalking and small water angling, the 9ft Extricator rod has been designed for tackling intimate waters where casting a lead to the horizon isn't required. Lastly, the 6ft Extricator rod has been designed specifically for high-octane hit'n'hold thrills, stalking carp at the edge of the waters. All models sport a cork handle that provides a classic look and really completes the set-up.

Buy the Wychwood Extricator MLT here.

5) Fox EOS Carp Rod

The ideal option for the angler who is just looking to get started with carp fishing or those who have to fish on a budget, the EOS Carp Rod is a cut above the rest in its price bracket. Boasting a full carbon construction, Fox ensures a lightweight and durable rod – the perfect combination for any rod.

It comes in at 13ft in length and it can offer an impressive test curve of 3.5lb. This makes it the ideal rod for tackling carp on larger venues, where longer, distance casts are needed. The 13ft EOS Carp is set up with a 50mm butt ring, which tapers down to a 16mm tip ring for casting accuracy. The rod features an 18mm DPS-style reel seat, allowing you to cast and retrieve with complete confidence.

Buy the Fox EOS Carp Rod here.

6) Sonik Vader X RS Carp Rods

The Sonik Vader X RS Carp Rods offer carp anglers a rod tip with phenomenal recovery speed for even better crisp and accurate casting along with a sleek black armoured blank finish. Constructed from slim, lightweight armoured carbon blank, the Vader X RS rod offers progressive casting action and super-light M-SERIES DL black guides that ensure protection for your line as well as the hard-wearing anti-frap ceramic tip ring which lowers the risk of losing a fish.

The model is available in three lengths of 10ft, 12ft or 13ft to meet your preferred casting. All the rods feature a fold friendly ringing pattern to make transport easier. The rod has a 17mm black DPS reel seat to house all big pit reels as well as a slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip for maximum control.

Aesthetically, the rod is also impressive with a black anodised butt cap laser etched with S logo as well as sporting the elegant VADERX look with subtle red tipping that adds a touch of class.

Buy the Sonik Vader X RS Carp Rods here.

7) Daiwa Longbow DF Carp Rods

Designed in conjunction with the one and only Danny Fairbrass, the Longbow DF series have proved very popular among distance casting anglers who want to punch out to the horizon and bring in big carp. Both the 3lbs and 3.5lbs tests have been flying off our shelves and both of the models have been finished with Danny’s own custom design.

Buy the Daiwa Longbow DF here.

8) Nash Scope Abbreviated Rods

With a reduced pack-down size and slick cosmetics, including abbreviated Japanese shrink grips, the Nash Scope Abbreviated Rods are perfect for using with heavy leads and PVA tactics. The Nash Scope offer increased backbone for greater control with monster carp in fast-flowing rivers or in snaggy and weedy environments.

Purposely designed to prevents frap-ups, the rod also sports a Fuji anti-frap tip guide and 40mm butt rings on all 9ft and 10ft models, a Fuji reel seat, carbon line clip, matte black whippings, laser etched butt cap with isotope slot and sleek gloss black decals.

Buy the Nash Scope Abbreviated Rods here

9) Greys Stalking Rods

Providing a progressive lower butt section, the Greys Stalking rod offers a forgiving tip section that ensures you are able to exert full control over a large and lunging fish. Even close up this rod works hard to prevent any risk of hook pulls. If you’re stalking with a floater setup then you’ll be pleased to discover that this rod has a useful hook keeper ring, ideal for keeping a fully setup rod when you’re stalking through dense undergrowth – after all, nobody wants to be pausing every few moments to untangle their rig! The Stalking rod also sports a three-piece construction meaning the rod packs down magnificently for ease of storage and transportation.

With a choice of a 7ft rod for hunting big fish at close quarters or a 9ft blank for reaching further, the Greys Stalking rods are built with high modulus carbon blanks and are finished in a classy sleek matt black.

Buy the Greys Stalking Rods here.

10) JRC Contact Carp Rods

Representing unbelievable value, the Contact Rod is ideal for novice or intermediate level carp anglers, searching for real value for money backed with solid JRC performance. Like many of the carp rods in this line up, the JRC Contact rod is slim, but powerful with a 30T carbon composite blank construction, fitted with a DPS reel seat, lightweight TS SIC guides and a stylish woven carbon section above reel seat. Both 10ft and 12ft models also feature a nylon line clip which is great when moving pegs.

With a matt natural carbon finish, subtle cosmetics and a high-quality shrink rubber rear handle grip, JRC meet a carp angler’s needs without breaking the bank!

Buy the JRC Contact Carp Rods here.

Obviously there are an abundant amount of great carp rods on the market which deserve an honourable mention such as the Shimano Tribal TX-2 Carp Rod, Shimano Tribal TX-9A Rod, Daiwa Black Widow G50 Rod and Greys Prodigy Apex Rod which are all also available through Angling Direct.

It may be a difficult choice so make sure to ask yourself some important questions to help you narrow down your options. Consider whether you are looking for a general all-round rod setup, a rod specifically for stalking carp in the margins, a back-up rod, the best rod for distance casting, or something to use for surface fishing in the warmer months. Whether you are a beginner to carp fishing, or anglers on a budget, you can pick up a decent carp rod to complete your one, two or three rod set up and even check out the rod reel combos we have for sale!

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