Thursday Focus- Trakker Amber Wrap Around Sunglasses

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Thursday Focus- Trakker Amber Wrap Around Sunglasses

Polarised lenses can give your fishing an edge, not only allowing you to see colours clearer but enabling your vision to penetrate the waters surface due to minimised glare. This can be invaluable when stalking carp in the margins, fishing at half a wrap.

The Trakker Amber Wrap Around Sunglasses utilise an Amber 1.1 TAC polarised lens, offering a UV 400 protection from the suns rays, the glasses are optimised for low-light conditions making them perfect for a stalking session at dawn or dusk.

Aesthetically, the Trakker sunglasses are in the wrap around style, blocking the suns glare in the corner of your eye. The glasses are finished in matte black and feature a soft-touch coating which not only looks and feels the part, but also help protect the glasses from any impact whilst on the bank, Trakker understand that accidents can happen in the haste of a screaming run but you can rest assured that your sunglasses will make it through the session.

The sunglasses feature a laser etched, red Trakker logo on the side of the wraps. Supplied with the glasses is a zipped carry case and cleaning cloth, allowing you to both clean the lenses and transport the glasses safely when not in use.

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