Advanta Saturday- Advanta Protector Dial Scales

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Protector Dial Scales

Having played and landed your latest catch, one of the most rewarding moments in fishing can be placing a scaley banger of a carp on the scales and seeing it tick over to a new PB weight, all the time you spent preparing for your session and building up your swim is suddenly all worth it.

Features you’re looking for in a set of scales include reliability and accuracy and ease of use, the Advanta Protector Dial Scales tick all three boxes. The Protector Scales weigh up to 55lb in 4oz divisions and 25kg in 100g divisions, both scales are easy to read to will enable you to take a quick reading whilst the carp in your weigh sling briefly stops floundering. The scales feature a zero adjust screw, allowing you to zero the scales, cancelling out the weight of the weigh sling. Being a product that requires accuracy and reliability, its is important that the dial scales are built to last and having been tested thoroughly by Advanta, you can be sure that your new scales will not fail on you at the crucial moment, something battery operated digital scales have been known to do in the past.

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