Sea Fishing From The Beach - How Light Can You Go!

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Sea Fishing From The Beach - How Light Can You Go!

For this latest episode we took the camera’s down to Kessingland on the Suffolk coast, to try and catch a few fish from the beach.

Now it’s no secret that the winter fishing around our coastline has been very poor so far this season, the codling have been virtually non-existent and anglers have been relying on the whiting to provide a bit of sport.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the Whiting, but I like to try and catch something that grows a little bigger and at least pulls back.

Fishing for these smaller species isn’t much fun on heavy beach tackle, in the same way that catching small roach and dace on carp rods wouldn’t be…

BUT, it got me thinking, catching small roach and dace on light tackle is pretty fun…

SO if we wanted to have a bit of fun catching Whiting, could we step down our tackle?

In-fact, exactly how light could we go?! Carp rods, avon rods, quiver tip rods?!

To find out exactly how we got on watch this latest instalment, from the waters edge.

The Tackle Box Set up number one... Greys GRX-s Beach Rod (Alternative) Penn 525 Mag2 Multiplier

Set up number two... Advanta CX Carp Rod 12ft 3lb Shimano Baitrunner ST RB Reel

Set up number three... Greys Prodigy TXL Specialist Twin Tip Rod Shimano Baitrunner DL FB

Set up number four... Shimano Exage RC Reel Fox Barbel Quivertip Rod

Other tackle... Sundridge John Holden Beach Buddy Ian Golds Match Tripod Shakespeare Beta Seat Box Shakespeare Beta Seat Box Side Trays Daiwa Sensor Surf Mono 15lb Drennan Greased Weasel 60lb Shockleader Breakaway 5oz Impact Leads Korda Big Grippa Swivel Lead Sunset Amnesia 15lb Sakuma Manta Hooks 1 Vass Chest Waders
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