Top 10 Terminal Tackle Items

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Top 10 Terminal Tackle Items

We all know that our end tackle really can make the difference between a successful session and a disappointing one. So what are the Best Terminal Tackle items that should feature in anglers tackle boxes in 2021?

For those having a bit of a spring clean of their terminal tackle collection, we thought that we’d look at the products which have proven most popular in recent weeks so you can make sure to start off 2021 with the same advantages as your fellow anglers on the bank.

To make the selection of best selling products a little more diverse we will highlight 2 best sellers from the following sub-categories:

  • Match Terminal Tackle 
  • Leads
  • Feeders
  • Hooks
  • PVA


Match Terminal Tackle

Covering anything from swivels to pole elastic, our match terminal tackle range covers brands such as Maver, Preston Innovations, ESP, and Korda as well as many others in our extensive range. 




1. Daiwa Hydrolastic


For the pole angler, there are few products which have proven as popular as Daiwa Hydrolastic. This pole elastic is unique as it is able to offer multi-phase performance and deliver a wide scale of ratings within one set up. This makes it the perfect pole elastic for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues up and down the country – it is an incredibly durable elastic option which can more than withstand the rigours of an intensive angling session. However, it is also loaded with more give than standard heavy elastics. This makes it the ideal tool for the angler seeking big fish, as it effectively increases the elastic rating as the fish is hooked. In short, the elastic self adjusts based on the fish you hook.


2. Guru Method Hair Rigs with Speedstops

Ideal for Method Feeder Fishing, Guru's Method and Feeder hair rigs offer super-efficient bait speedstops fitted to the hair. When used with our Speedstop needle, a range of baits can be hair rigged quickly and easily, making time for you to get more bites making this terminal tackle item a great item for many anglers.

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Leads are a must in any anglers rig setup, as this is the thing that helps your rig to sink quickly. This is essential if you’re targeting fish which feed on the bottom for the majority of the time, such as carp, as you need your bait in position as soon as possible in order to give yourself the best chance of a catch. Not only this but, if you’re slack line fishing, it is a huge benefit to get your rig sunk as quickly as possible. 



3. Korda Distance Casting Swivel Lead


Designed purely for casting long distances, Korda's Distant Casting Swivel Lead has a nose-heavy design which makes it very stable indeed and also keeps the lead condensed, giving good hooking efficiency. The lead is an angling favourite for it flies straight as an arrow; going exactly where you want it to go. 

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4. Fox Camotex Swivel Square Lead


The Fox Camotex Swivel Square Lead is a great piece of terminal tackle from the Camotex range that is ideal for specialist carp fishing. The Camotex coating lets the lead easily blend into the lakebed whilst its popular squared shape helps with gripping to lakebed surfaces and hooking potential as the weight is concentrated into a smaller surface area.

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Using feeders to position your hook bait is one of the most popular techniques when carp and coarse fishing. It’s also popular for tackling commercial waters and it’s great as a technique to mix up your match fishing. Some anglers we know won’t be seen out on the bank without a feeder to hand. There are a couple of different types of feeders on the market, you can check them out in our Feeders Guide on the AD Blog.



5. Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeder


With this design of method feeder, both the lead in the flat base and the bait load distribute the weight into an aerodynamic bomb shape. This increases casting distance and improves accuracy particularly in strong crosswinds. On the body of the feeder, the tow largest bait holding ribs are well spaced and curved away from each other. This leaves a generous gap so the hookbait can be placed in the optimum position. Recommended using with Drennan Easy Release Bait Mould.

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6. Preston Plug It Feeder


Plug It Feeders have combined the bait carrying characteristics of a traditional open-end feeder with the quick release properties of a cage feeder. The loose feed is safely stored in the centre of the feeder for loading and casting allowing the ends to be plugged with groundbait whilst still enabling water to easily penetrate and wash bait out when in position on the river or lake bed. 

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Hooks make up a huge part of Angling Direct’s terminal tackle category. To the uninformed it might seem ridiculous that we have such a huge selection of hooks available, however, the hook you choose makes a huge difference to your angling success and an incorrect hook selection can destroy a bankside session! If you need some help choosing what hook type and size is best, check out our Beginner's Guide to Fishing Hook on the AD Blog.


7. Korda Kurv Shank Hook

The Korda Kurv Shank hook has been designed to flip over and catch hold in the carp's mouth without the need for any shrink tubing. The unique shape works with both pop-ups and bottom baits, and most hooklinks including soft braids, Hybrid and IQ Soft.

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8. Guru Super MWG Hooks


If you’re looking for a top-quality hook that will help ensure secure takes from a number of different species then you need to look no further. The Guru Super MWG Hooks stands for Match Wide Gape and this certainly one of the widest hook gapes that have ever been manufactured with match fishing in mind. However, this hook can be used in more than just match fishing scenarios and it is suitable for everything from waggler fishing to heavy pole work, to feeder fishing for specialist fish.

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PVA is a water-soluble material which is usually supplied in a mesh form. You can either buy this in a ready-made bag, meaning that all you have to do is fill, tie, and cast out, or you can purchase it as a long tube. The benefit of this is that it allows you to create your custom size bag, ensuring that you can get the perfect amount of bait distribution. 


9. ESP PVA Universal Refill


Now that the waters are warmer, PVA is really coming into its element and it is no surprise that this product is high in our best-seller lists. Designed to allow you to refill your 20mm or 25mm PVA dispensers, this Universal Refill ensures that you can quickly and accurately construct your PVA rigs on the bank.

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10. Gardner Rigwise Dissolving Foam


The Gardner Rigwise Dissolving Foam is essentially little nuggets of foam which harmlessly dissolve in water but helps to protect the hook points in snags and ensures perfect presentation – as demonstrated in our Carp Fishing with PVA video below.



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There you have it, the top 10 of our most popular terminal tackle items! Are there any on this list that is your own ‘holy grail’ products? Or are there any items which you were surprised didn’t make the cut? Let us know your top terminal tackle picks for fishing in the new year!


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