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  1. Top 10 Terminal Tackle Items

    Top 10 Terminal Tackle Items


    We all know that our end tackle really can make the difference between a successful session and a disappointing one. So what are the Best Terminal Tackle items that should feature in anglers tackle boxes in 2021? For those having a bit of a spring

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  2. Thursday Focus - Leads

    Thursday Focus - Leads

    One of the most important parts of your rig setup is your lead. Attached to your rig, the lead takes your set up down quickly, essential if you’re targeting bottom feeding fish, such as carp, as it gets your bait in position quickly, giving you the

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  3. Monday Top 5 - Plumbing Your Swim

    Monday Top 5 - Plumbing Your Swim

    Plumbing your swim is a fundamental aspect of fishing that not every angler takes the time to do. This can often be the deciding factor between catching and not catching. Not only can you decipher the depth of where you want to fish, but also you can

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