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  1. Claudia Darga- Welcome to Team AD

    Claudia Darga- Welcome to Team AD

    Introduced to carp fishing in early 2010, Claudia now enjoys nothing more, than spending her weekends on the bank. From exploring all the beautiful natural surroundings that angling has to offer, close to home and much further afield, to the

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  2. Arezue Wright- Spring Cleaning

    Arezue Wright- Spring Cleaning

    SPRING CLEANINGAs winter finally comes to an end, I look forward to my favourite time of year, SPRING!Frozen toes and the frosted days of winter soon become a distant memory and in turn make way for the warming sunshine and the sweet fragrance of

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  3. Thursday Focus- Nash KNX Rod Pods

    Thursday Focus- Nash KNX Rod Pods

    A Little Bit ExtraKNX stands for 'Kevin Nash Xtra', and brings carp anglers everywhere the stylish functionality of the Nash KNX range. Replacing the popular H-Gun range, the KNX range brings high performance power to your campaign carp angling.

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  4. Ade Kiddell Blog- January 2019

    Ade Kiddell Blog- January 2019

    After a relatively mild winter so far with only an odd frost, winter has arrived in the form of a good few inches of snow! No problem, the larder is well stocked and the log store is still half full, we will be fine for a few days that’s for sure.

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