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  1. Can you Use Cheese as Fishing Bait?

    Can you Use Cheese as Fishing Bait?


    It may be a U.S. holiday but us anglers could not give up the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming National Cheese Day (4th June 2021). Yes, you may love to nibble on some cheese biscuits or pack yourself a cheese sandwich for your fishing session

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  2. Top Winter Barbel Fishing Tips

    Top Winter Barbel Fishing Tips


    Barbel fishing can be a tough old game in the winter months but it's vital you head to the bank with a game plan and the right techniques to make every opportunity count. To help you on your way, we spoke to top barbel angler Ade Kiddell and

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  3. Ade Kiddell- January 2020

    Ade Kiddell- January 2020

    Firstly, let me wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! In early December I was in England for a few days, catching up with family and friends but I also found time to visit the team at Angling Direct Norwich store.Getting hold of

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  4. Ade Kiddell- October 2019

    Ade Kiddell- October 2019

    Last time I blogged, I had plenty of fish coming out of the waters and I am glad to say my luck has continued as last week we managed a whopping 177 barbel between four of us and a new P.B. of 10lb 6oz caught by old friend Ray Smith. This was his

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  5. In Search of the Impossible- Jack Fairweather

    In Search of the Impossible- Jack Fairweather

    Nowadays a Wensum barbel is like gold dust, very far and few between; I feel privileged to catch the ones I have.The first one I managed to catch was quite lucky, I was swimming in the river with a couple of mates as it was school holidays, when I

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  6. Ade Kiddell Blog- January 2019

    Ade Kiddell Blog- January 2019

    After a relatively mild winter so far with only an odd frost, winter has arrived in the form of a good few inches of snow! No problem, the larder is well stocked and the log store is still half full, we will be fine for a few days that’s for sure.

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  7. Ade Kiddell - August 2018

    Ade Kiddell - August 2018

    I was outside yesterday in shorts and a T shirt and it was 28 degrees, today it's 16c and feels very autumnal. The summer has been exceptional, but already we have had two frosts; my feelings are an early and harsh winter is on the way, let's hope I

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  8. Phil Spinks - August Rudd & Barbel

    Phil Spinks - August Rudd & Barbel

    It’s now the beginning of September as I’m sat typing this and I’m feeling rather pleased with the way my summer fishing continued the year.When I last wrote about my fishing I was in full rudd fishing mode and came very close to the magic 3lb

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  9. Monday Top 5 - Stick Float Fishing

    Monday Top 5 - Stick Float Fishing

    Stick float fishing on rivers is a devastating method that can allow you not only to cover a huge stretch of river, but can also be used to target a huge variety of species, from dace through to barbel. Here are our top 5 stick float fishing tips…

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  10. Ade Kiddell - July 2018 Blog

    Ade Kiddell - July 2018 Blog

    Just where has this year gone seems like yesterday I was hoping for a chub on a cold flooded river and now we are praying for a bit of rain as the river is hardly flowing and very warm. Luckily the level is holding up and as this part of the river

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