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  1. Thursday Focus- AD Red Spomb

    Thursday Focus- AD Red Spomb

    Spombing otherwise known as spodding has revolutionised many angler’s ability to accurately feed their chosen fishing spot and target fish, with even the smallest and lightest food items at an extreme range. This AD Red Spomb is an affordable

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  2. Distance Casting With Terry Edmonds

    In this video, Angling Direct's Stephen 'Widget' Crowe meets casting legend Terry Edmonds, to talk about all things distance casting, and get some tips and tricks to improve his own fishing.Buzzing with excitement at finally meeting one of angling's

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  3. Terry Edmonds - Line Twist

    Terry Edmonds - Line Twist

    Line twist is an issue many of us have at some time or another, and it can be really annoying. The line becomes uncontrollable, flowing off the spool when setting the indicators, or causing crack offs when casting. The thicker the line, the more

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