Advanta Saturday- Advanta Discovery Stoves

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Discovery Stoves

Heat Things Up With The Advanta Advantage

A brand that was born from carp fishing passion, the anglers behind Advanta know that the one thing that makes a difference during a cold, wet session that's all about the blanks is a decent cuppa, and some tasty grub to look forward to.

With a range of stoves to suit every angler, from the short session hopeful to the committed campaign carper, Advanta are dedicated to heating up the action on any bankside, and giving you something to look forward to when it seems everything's against you.

Advanta Discovery CX Micro Stove


Impressively powerful, considering its small size, the Micro Stove can kick out 3000 watts of power, offering an economic cooking solution for all your bankside heating needs. Whether you’re boiling a kettle for a mid-morning brew, toasting your lunch-time sandwich, heating up your late-night instant noodles, or you’re going all-out with a breakfast fry-up, this stove has the power to cook your food in no time at all. This not only ensures that you can enjoy perfectly cooked food quickly but it also ensures that you’re never wasting time on the bank watching your food when you should be watching your rod tips. The stove is completely clean burning, too, so you never have to worry about nasty bankside fumes (please note, you should always ignite this stove in a well ventilated location and in-bivvy ignition should be avoided at all times).

If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight, and high powered stove then you need look no further; the Advanta Discovery CX Micro Stove is the ideal cooking solution for all your bankside needs.

Ideal for solo day sessions, and perfect for stalking anglers.

Key Features

- Folded size: 49mm D x 109mm H, Unfolded: 136mm D x 91mm H

- Match/lighter manual ignition

- Butane/propane

- Ideal for roving anglers

- Lightweight

-3000watts of power

Advanta Discovery CSX Hypernova Stove

 width=Powered by butane gas, the Advanta Discover CSX Hypernova Stove boasts a manual ignition, ensuring that you never have to worry about electrical failure on the bank; as long as you’ve remembered to pack matches in your kit, or bring a lighter along, you’re good to go. Three burners give the stove an increased burn capacity, and ensure that you benefit from an impressive heat output. The wide base of these burners gives incredible heat transmission whether you’re cooking from a frying pan, sandwich toaster, or heating a kettle. With a power output of 5,800watts, you truly are ‘cooking on gas’, with kettles coming to the boil, and food being cooked through, fully and thoroughly, in no time at all, conserving gas, and giving you more time with your rods.

Whether you’re blanking on a freezing bankside, and want to give yourself the energy and enthusiasm to keep going for those couple more hours that could turn the whole session around, or you’ve smashed your personal best with a truly stunning fish, and are in the mood to celebrate a fantastic pay off for your endeavours, there can be few things more fundamentally enjoyable, reviving, and satisfying than a bankside brew, or a tasty meal prepared, cooked, and eaten at the water’s edge. Whatever your angling discipline, the days of lukewarm Pot Noodles and dry cheese sandwiches are resoundingly over. In the fishing world, comfort, convenience, and home comforts were gaining ground long before ‘glamping’ became a buzzword elsewhere.With the Advanta advantage brought to bear on your bankside brews and buffets, you’ll almost forget that you’re in direct contact with the elements, even on the roughest days. Don’t waste your money going glamping: buy yourself some top-quality bankside cooking equipment, and go fishing.

 width=The Advanta Hypernova is manufactured from a mix of aluminium alloy and stainless steel, giving you a durable, lightweight product, and ensuring that your stove is easy to transport, and lasts for many sessions to come. In fact, this stove weighs in at less than 300g (or approximately 10.5oz) and boasts an impressive folding stand, creating a compact and lightweight package which is easy and convenient to transport down to the water’s edge. When folded, this stove is only 108mm in diameter, and, at only 85mm tall, will fit comfortably into the pockets of most of your angling luggage. The stove also comes supplied with its very own Oxford nylon storage case. This waterproof fabric helps protect the stove from any accidental water ingress, and ensures that the stove remains tightly packed in storage and in transit.

The stand of the Hypernova Stove is also incredibly sturdy, providing you with a stable base for all your bankside meals, and boasts a weight bearing capacity of 25kg. This is more than strong enough to support even the biggest bankside feast. The stand is temperature resistant, to prevent ground scorching through heat transmission, and it has an anti-skid base, giving you complete stability on even the roughest and steepest banks.

Key Features

- Folded size: 108mm D x 85mm H, Unfolded: 160mm D x 85mm H

- Match/lighter manual ignition

- Butane

- Increased capacity with three burners

Advanta Discovery CX Outdoor Stove

If you’re looking for a high power, low weight, and highly durable stove for use across your quick overnighters and longer carp fishing sessions then the Advanta Discovery CX Outdoor Stove ticks all boxes, offering you compact storage, ease of transport, and economic cooking – perfect for a whole host of carp fishing activities across the spectrum. As an added bonus, this stove also offers you fantastic value for money, too.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Advanta Discovery CX Outdoor Stove is its wide stand. In fact, when unfolded this stove is 190mm in diameter. This ensures that it boasts a broad base which is capable of supporting either a large kettle or a full-size frying pan. This makes it an excellent option for the angler who likes to enjoy a full meal on the bank, as it gives enough space for a full English fry-up to cook through completely at the same time. The broad base also ensures that this stove is completely stable, so you don’t have to worry about your stove blowing over in the wind or becoming unsettled when disturbed on uneven terrain.

The Advanta Discovery CX Outdoor Stove is powered by butane gas. This is connected to the stove via a flexible armoured hose, which also features a flow regulator. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the flame, as Advanta understands that you do not always need to cook your food on full power for the best results. The flame is lit via a piezoelectric ignition. This ensures that you never have to worry about bringing a match or a lighter down to the bank – after all, nothing is worse than discovering your matches are damp or your lighter is out of fuel when you’re gasping for a brew! The stove has a huge power-output for 3200 watts. This ensures that you can cook all your meals or boil your kettle extremely economically, using as little gas as possible whilst still offering a short cooking time.

An ideal choice for campaign carp anglers, or those who like to go fishing with a mate or your other half, the Outdoor stove from Advanta is the perfect choice for a fully stocked bankside.

Key Features

. Folded size: 150mm D x 88.5mm H, Unfolded : 190mm D x 95mm H

. Butane powered

. Piezo electric ignition

. 3,200watts

Everything You Need

As well as offering stoves for every situation, Advanta has a range of cookware and angling accessories that will appeal to anglers of all disciplines. Browse our site and order online, or pop in to your local Angling Direct store to see for yourself.

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